GAME REVIEW – NBA 2K15 [20/02/2015]

To put it in to words that basketball fans like me and you would understand: NBA 2K15 is as sweet as Steph Curry’s jump-shot.

Last year’s title set a pretty sturdy marker in the ground for this year’s instalment, gaining an average score of 85 from video game websites and magazines alike and after playing NBA 2K15,  it’s obvious that the devs at 2K Sports knew this. By setting such a solid platform the year previous, the American developers have been able to concentrate their efforts towards fine tuning and improving rather than reconstructing and changing – and my oh my, have they done just that.

The core game-play has taken a mammoth step forward, with grand improvements in ball physics. The user can now handle the ball more intuitively than ever before, making intricate dribble moves with the right stick all the more useful and satisfying. 2K have also made changes to the shooting mechanic, introducing a power bar that makes for easier shot selection and timing – a welcome fix that has left many fans reeling with excitement.

Additionally, the guys at 2K have treated us button-mashers to thousands of new player animations – ranging from Derrick Rose’s signature size-up move to Klay Thompson’s sugar sweet jump-shot. Motion-capture technology and the enhanced power of the new generation consoles have combined to create a game that doesn’t lack in the player likenesses department.

With that being said 2K15, like any game, does still have some noticeable flaws. Since release the game has suffered with severe problems with it’s face-scanning: a concept that, in theory, would allow gamers to program their actual faces into the game. As well as that, the intelligence of the CPU is seriously lacking, with easy-to-read offensive sets even on the hardest of difficulties. Such predictable plays and tactics from your opponents can lead to mundane encounters when playing offline.

With such improvements and only a few issues, NBA 2K15 is definitely one to look out for and if they can lift the game to an even higher level next year  it’ll definitely be worth buying again.



1. Ray Allen is the most used 3-pt shooter on NBA 2K15.

2. Pharrell Williams curated the soundtrack for the game.

3. There have been over 100 million alley-oops in the MyPark game mode.

4. The Cleveland Cavaliers are the most used NBA team in Online head-to-head.

5. The reward for gaining 99 domination stars in the MyTeam game mode is Sapphire Nate Archibald.






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